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The Virginia Beach ARC is a full service "ham radio" club covering all aspects of the hobby.  Visit the Public Service page to find all of the events that we support in the city.  Visit the Admin page to find all the details of the club from Bylaws to officers.  The History page looks at the events from the past.  The membership page offers full details on joining VBARC and membership roster. 

The next meeting of VBARC is Thursday October 4th. The meeting will start at 7:30 PM and the location will be the St Andrews Methodist church multipurpose room on the corner of Princess Anne Rd and Tuscon Lane in Va Beach.

Expanding Horizons in Amateur Radio

The next Board of Directors meeting will be September 26th @ 7:00 PM at the VBARC Beach Shack, 3469 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach. 

Click here for a map to Ocean Park Rescue - THE VBARC BEACH SHACK


License Testing:  We host a testing session for all amateur radio levels at our Membership meetings in Oct and Nov of this year.  Testing is open to everyone and you do not need to preregister.

Public Service Notes from Tom WS9B:

Our next event will be Wicked 10K on Oct. 27, 2018.  We will need at least 14 people.

We will have signup sheet at club meeting and e-mail sent out end of Sept.

We want to thank: KN4FEE, Tim; KM4JIA, Pat; KK4QJN, Stan; KK4FXS, Scott; KM4LMP, Ray; KI4RJZ, Steve; KN4BLC, Phillip; KJ4EZH, Chris; KI4LKW, Claud; KK4FXW, Gretchen; WA4GDB, George; W5ARX, Curt; KB0ABJ, Trap; KB0AAJ, Jonathon; KE4AZL, Butch; N4JJ, Josh; KN4FTH, Larry; KD4FIG, Richard; KC4JGC, Steve; KA8TNF, Terry; WB4BAX, Mike; and K3QQN, Jim for helping with ASYMCA Mud Run.

We would like everyone to program in their radio’s 147.045, 146.97, 147.3 and 444.95 as simplex frequencies.  It provides a backup if repeater goes down.  No Tones….

NOTE: VBARES/Public Service has selected three (3) crossband frequencies: they are 445.775, 445.875 and 445.85. We have also selected three (3) 2M frequencies for simplex operation: they are 147.57, 147.405 and 147.51. These frequencies will have an ENCODE and DECODE tone of 233.6.

Please add to your programming file or manually enter the above for all your radios.  If all else bring radio to club meeting and I will try and program it for you with all the frequencies above.

QRP Saturday:  Ed W8NLZ will host the next QRP Saturday on October 13th at Princess Anne Park.  Rough start about 9:00 AM.  Bring out your radio of get on the air with one of the radio's that are there.

DXING:  Are you into DXing?  Have you visited the website  This site offers a lot of information on upcoming DXpeditions, contesting, IOTA, etc.  Highly recommend a visit.

DXNews Calendar for September

Radiosport or contesting is a popular way to make contacts and increase your operating skills, work on WAS and DXCC.  In February the following ARRL sponsored contests are being held.  Please go to the page for details of each event. Even with a Tech license you can participate in a couple of these events.

RSGB 80m Autumn Series, CW 1900Z-2030Z, Sep 19
+ NAQCC CW Sprint 0030Z-0230Z, Sep 20
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Sep 21
+ NCCC Sprint Ladder 0230Z-0300Z, Sep 21
+ AGB NEMIGA Contest 2100Z-2400Z, Sep 21
+ FOC QSO Party 0000Z-2359Z, Sep 22
+ Maine QSO Party 1200Z, Sep 22 to 1200Z, Sep 23
+ UK/EI DX Contest, SSB 1200Z, Sep 22 to 1200Z, Sep 23
+ AGCW VHF/UHF Contest 1400Z-1700Z, Sep 22 (144) and
  1700Z-1800Z, Sep 22 (432)
+ North American SSB Sprint Contest 0000Z-0400Z, Sep 23
+ Classic Exchange, CW 1300Z, Sep 23 to 0700Z, Sep 24 and
  1300Z, Sep 25 to 0700Z, Sep 26
+ 220 MHz Fall Sprint 1900 local - 2300 local, Sep 25
+ SKCC Sprint 0000Z-0200Z, Sep 26
+ Phone Fray 0230Z-0300Z, Sep 26
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Sep 26 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Sep 26 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Sep 27
+ UKEICC 80m Contest 2000Z-2100Z, Sep 26
+ RSGB 80m Autumn Series, Data 1900Z-2030Z, Sep 27
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Sep 28
+ NCCC Sprint Ladder 0230Z-0300Z, Sep 28
+ ARRL EME Contest 0000Z, Sep 29 to 2359Z, Sep 30
+ Feld Hell Sprint 0000Z-2359Z, Sep 29
+ CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY 0000Z, Sep 29 to 2400Z, Sep 30
+ Texas QSO Party 1400Z, Sep 29 to 0200Z, Sep 30 and
  1400Z-2000Z, Sep 30
+ Classic Exchange, Phone 1300Z, Sep 30 to 0700Z, Oct 1 and
  1300Z, Oct 2 to 0700Z, Oct 3
October 2018
+ IQRP Quarterly Marathon 0800Z, Oct 1 to 2000Z, Oct 7
+ ARS Spartan Sprint 0100Z-0300Z, Oct 2
+ Phone Fray 0230Z-0300Z, Oct 3
+ German Telegraphy Contest 0700Z-1000Z, Oct 3
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Oct 3 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Oct 3 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Oct 4
+ 432 MHz Fall Sprint 1900 local - 2300 local, Oct 3
+ UKEICC 80m Contest 2000Z-2100Z, Oct 3
+ NRAU 10m Activity Contest 1700Z-1800Z, Oct 4 (CW) and
  1800Z-1900Z, Oct 4 (SSB) and
  1900Z-2000Z, Oct 4 (FM) and
  2000Z-2100Z, Oct 4 (Dig)
+ SARL 80m QSO Party 1700Z-2000Z, Oct 4
+ SKCC Sprint Europe 1900Z-2100Z, Oct 4
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Oct 5
+ NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Oct 5
+ YLRL DX/NA YL Anniversary Contest 1400Z, Oct 5 to 0200Z, Oct 7
+ TRC DX Contest 0600Z, Oct 6 to 1800Z, Oct 7
+ Microwave Fall Sprint 0800 local - 1400 local, Oct 6
+ Oceania DX Contest, Phone 0800Z, Oct 6 to 0800Z, Oct 7
+ Russian WW Digital Contest 1200Z, Oct 6 to 1159Z, Oct 7
+ International HELL-Contest 1600Z-1800Z, Oct 6 (80m) and
  0900Z-1100Z, Oct 7 (40m)
+ California QSO Party 1600Z, Oct 6 to 2200Z, Oct 7
+ FISTS Fall Slow Speed Sprint 1700Z-2100Z, Oct 6
+ SKCC QSO Party 1800Z, Oct 6 to 1800Z, Oct 7
+ RSGB DX Contest 0500Z-2300Z, Oct 7
+ UBA ON Contest, SSB 0600Z-0900Z, Oct 7
+ Peanut Power QRP Sprint 2200Z-2359Z, Oct 7
+ RSGB 80m Autumn Series, CW 1900Z-2030Z, Oct 8
+ 10-10 Int. 10-10 Day Sprint 0001Z-2359Z, Oct 10
+ NAQCC CW Sprint 0030Z-0230Z, Oct 10
+ Phone Fray 0230Z-0300Z, Oct 10
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Oct 10 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Oct 10 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Oct 11
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Oct 12
+ NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Oct 12
+ Makrothen RTTY Contest 0000Z-0800Z, Oct 13 and
  1600Z-2400Z, Oct 13 and
  0800Z-1600Z, Oct 14
+ Nevada QSO Party 0300Z, Oct 13 to 2100Z, Oct 14
+ Oceania DX Contest, CW 0800Z, Oct 13 to 0800Z, Oct 14
+ QRP ARCI Fall QSO Party 1200Z, Oct 13 to 2359Z, Oct 14
+ Scandinavian Activity Contest, SSB 1200Z, Oct 13 to 1200Z, Oct 14
+ SKCC Weekend Sprintathon 1200Z, Oct 13 to 2400Z, Oct 14
+ Arizona QSO Party 1600Z, Oct 13 to 0600Z, Oct 14 and
  1400Z to 2400Z, Oct 14
+ Pennsylvania QSO Party 1600Z, Oct 13 to 0500Z, Oct 14 and
  1300Z-2200Z, Oct 14
+ FISTS Fall Unlimited Sprint 1700Z-2100Z, Oct 13
+ South Dakota QSO Party 1800Z, Oct 13 to 1800Z, Oct 14
+ PODXS 070 Club 160m Great Pumpkin Sprint 2000Z, Oct 13 to 2000Z, Oct 14
+ UBA ON Contest, CW 0530Z-0800Z, Oct 14
+ UBA ON Contest, 6m 0800Z-1000Z, Oct 14
+ 4 States QRP Group Second Sunday Sprint 0000Z-0200Z, Oct 15
+ ARRL School Club Roundup 1300Z, Oct 15 to 2359Z, Oct 19
+ Telephone Pioneers QSO Party 1800Z, Oct 15 to 0300Z, Oct 16
+ Phone Fray 0230Z-0300Z, Oct 17
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Oct 17 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Oct 17 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Oct 18
+ RSGB 80m Autumn Series, Data 1900Z-2030Z, Oct 17
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Oct 19
+ NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Oct 19
+ Araucaria World Wide VHF Contest 0000Z, Oct 20 to 1600Z, Oct 21
+ JARTS WW RTTY Contest 0000Z, Oct 20 to 2400Z, Oct 21
+ 10-10 Int. Fall Contest, CW 0001Z, Oct 20 to 2359Z, Oct 21
+ New York QSO Party 1400Z, Oct 20 to 0200Z, Oct 21
+ Stew Perry Topband Challenge 1500Z, Oct 20 to 1500Z, Oct 21
+ Worked All Germany Contest 1500Z, Oct 20 to 1459Z, Oct 21
+ Feld Hell Sprint 2000Z-2359Z, Oct 20
+ Asia-Pacific Fall Sprint, CW 0000Z-0200Z, Oct 21
+ UBA ON Contest, 2m 0700Z-1000Z, Oct 21
+ Illinois QSO Party 1700Z, Oct 21 to 0100Z, Oct 22
+ RSGB RoLo CW 1900Z-2030Z, Oct 21
+ Run for the Bacon QRP Contest 0100Z-0300Z, Oct 22
+ SKCC Sprint 0000Z-0200Z, Oct 24
+ Phone Fray 0230Z-0300Z, Oct 24
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Oct 24 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Oct 24 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Oct 25
+ RSGB 80m Autumn Series, SSB 1900Z-2030Z, Oct 25
+ NCCC RTTY Sprint 0145Z-0215Z, Oct 26
+ NCCC Sprint 0230Z-0300Z, Oct 26
+ CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB 0000Z, Oct 27 to 2400Z, Oct 28
+ ARRL EME Contest 0000Z, Oct 27 to 2359Z, Oct 28
+ Phone Fray 0230Z-0300Z, Oct 31
+ CWops Mini-CWT Test 1300Z-1400Z, Oct 31 and
  1900Z-2000Z, Oct 31 and
  0300Z-0400Z, Nov 1
+ UKEICC 80m Contest 2000Z-2100Z, Oct 31


 Local repeaters are controlled by the Virginia Beach Emergency Amateur Repeater Society or VBEARS.  Repeaters are available on 146.970, 146.895 and 444.950.  Please check the VBEARS page for full details of all repeaters in the region.  If you are using the repeaters and have problems please address your issues to the Manager of the repeater via email here.  We also have a new repeater on 147.300+ managed by the Hospital Network.  It is open to all hams when not used for emergency events.

Key nets on the 146.895 repeater are:
     ARES Net every Tuesday Night at 8:00 PM
     Hampton Roads Service Net at 9:00 PM every night.


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