Virgina Beach Amateur Radio Club


Below is the current Board of Directors and their contact information.  If you have any questions about the club, its operations, events, finances, etc.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the leaders listed below

 US Mail:  VBARC
P.O. Box 62003
Virginia Beach, VA 23466

Title Name Call Primary #  
President Bob Zabot K4NTO 757-353-0681 email
Vice President       email
Secretary Jim Geisinger K3QQN   email
Treasurer Josh Holder N4JJ 757-233-0074 email
Director Jim Arab KV4JM 757-214-2049 email
Director George Schmidt WA4GDB 757-499-2403 email
Director Doug Duggan N4IRK 757-416-8782 email
Director Ed Gibbs KW4GF   email
Director John Best KC4MEC 757-644-9778 email
Director Art Sanderson WA4TMJ 757-431-2270 email
Director Pat Winner KM4JIA   email
PIO       email
VE Liason Ed Williams KN4KL 757-486-3597 email
ARES Terry Buzzard KA8TNF 757-938-9519 email
Public Service Tom Moore WS9B 757-464-3482 email
W4UG Trustee Bill Holland WA4EUL 757-481-5998 email
Shack Manager Butch Burke KE4AZL 757-481-9294 email
QRP Saturday Mgr Ed Martin W8NLZ 757-363-8484 email
TRCI Representative Bill Holland WA4EUL 757-481-5998 email