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Repeaters - VBEARS

VBARC does not own a repeater.  However VBEARS or the Virginia Beach Emergency Amateur Repeater Society was created by members of VBARC to maintain repeaters in support of VBARC, ARES, and city emergencies within the City of Virginia Beach area.  VBEARS has been an independent organization since 1979 and receives no financial support from the Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club.  The organization is made up of control operators. One is the trustee of the repeaters, Ed Williams KN4KL. Another is the treasurer Linda Crawford KI4LO. The repeaters use the call sign W4KXV which is Wally Burkett’s (SK) old call. Wally a past president of VBARC was trustee for the repeaters since VBEARS inception. In March 1983 the wooden wheel with a roller switch used for the CW ID on the 146.970 repeater was replaced with the RC-850 controller. That controller cost over $3,000.00 at that time.

VBEARS mission is to work with the City of Virginia Beach to support emergency communications.  The city does supply space, antennas, and repeaters in support this operation.  All other hardware expenses and maintenance comes from the repeater society and donations to that organization.
VBEARS operates the following Amateur Radio Repeaters using the call W4KXV/R.  146.895 and 444.950 repeaters are located in the cities communications center on the roof of the Westin Hotel These are City own Kenwood NXR710 VHF and UHF Digital Base repeaters. Both Transmit and receive antennas are at the 400+ foot level. The 146.970 repeater is located in the Avalon area of Virginia Beach at a height of 65’ and operated at 65 watts. This repeater is a Yaesu System Fusion DR-1X Analog/C4FM machine and will support both Analog and C4fm Digital transmissions.

Question concerning VBARES or the repeater systems should be directed to the following:
Ed Williams – KN4KL
Phone: 757-486-3597

You can click on the VBARC donate button on the Membership Page to donate to VBEARS!

Regional Repeaters

Eastern Virginia and Eastern North Carolina hosts a multitude of repeaters.  Every city & county in the 250 mile range has at least one repeater.  Click here to see a PDF of all repeaters in this zone by frequency   or click here to see a PDF of all repeaters by City!